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Employee Appreciation today and everyday 

Modern Message
March 2, 2018 at 12:03 PM

What makes you go the extra mile? Do you like being recognized? How about appreciated?

At Modern Message caring for our employees and clients is at the core of what we do. Our company operates on a strong culture of appreciation that our team lives and breathes by everyday. In fact, our business model parallels our core values and we firmly believe in them: #wearefun; #weareone; #webelieve; #wecontinuouslylearn; #weareopenandhonest.

We believe in hard work. And even though good work should be an award in and of itself, being appreciated for it, is even better. When motivated and challenged, an employee will start thinking outside the box and feel confident to present ideas.

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Here at Modern Message, we empower our teams to feel valued and realize that their contribution, professional and personal are critical for the success of the company. Happy employees make happy clients, it’s that simple!  But it’s really not that simple. It takes a team, and it takes passion and hard work - every single day.

You may ask, what are ways we encourage our employees? Well to start, as a core value being We Are Fun...we celebrate - successes and each other. We host Happy Hours, venture to Escape Rooms, make breakfast for our employees, attend sporting events, and that’s just to name a few activities.

While having fun is a priority, our company also focuses on the core value We Are One. Our company works together as one team, with one mission. We push one another to sharpen and grow as a team and make sure to encourage one another in the process while being Open and Honest. Our intention is to provide every employee the opportunity to speak their mind and feel appreciated when they do so.

The idea of powering employee appreciation comes natural at Modern Message. Our goal is for clients to power resident appreciation amidst their apartment communities through Community Rewards.

Want to learn how you can power appreciation at your communities?

Stay tuned for next week's blog to learn how to consistently power appreciation for your residents.

Can’t wait until then? Sign up for a quick and free demo to learn more!

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