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Thanks a Million

Modern Message
March 12, 2018 at 9:10 AM

It’s official! Community Rewards now serves more than 1M residents throughout the U.S. across 2,500 apartment communities.

How did we engage 1M residents? We simply used Community Rewards, the one-of-its-kind app exclusively developed for apartment residents that encourages engagement with their communities online through reward points.

Oh, did we mention? Residents redeem their points for reward cards!

Residents can be rewarded for paying rent online, referring friends, completing surveys, renewing their lease, following a community’s social media presence and RSVPing to community events, along with many other resident lifestyle activities.

With a simple solution like Community Rewards, it’s easy to keep residents happy. By engaging residents, increasing loyalty and building relationships you too can heighten resident advocacy and boost your bottom line. Become a game changer today!

See how we’re powering appreciation every day! Sign up for a FREE demo today!

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